Lists: Words Commonly Used to Describe Smells

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tasmanian devil

A growing list of words associated with scents & smells.

acrid, aged, airless, airport, alkaline, aromatic, bacon, baking, banana, barbeque, barnyard, beachy, beery, bitter, bright, bloody, books, bouquet, briney, burnt, camphoric, catbox, cedar, cigar, cinnamon, citrusy, cheesy, chicken soup, chlorine, clean, clove, cloying, coffee, creamy, curry, damp, doggy, earthy, eye-watering, exhaust, fermented, fishy, floury, floral, foul, fumes, funky, fragrant, fresh, fruity, garlicky, garbage, gasoline, ginger, grassy, green, hairspray, herbal, homey, home cooking, horse, jasmine, ink, incense, leafy, lemony, lavender, laundry, lawn, leathery, locker room, meaty, medicinal, metallic, mildewed, minty, moldy, mothball, musky, mushroomy, new car, newspaper, notes, odor, oily, oniony, orangey, paint, peppery, perfumey, piney, pinion, pickled, plasticky, popcorn, powdery, pungent, putrid, rancid, rank, resinous, rose, rotten, rubbery, sandalwood, savory, sawdust, scentless, seaside, skunk, spicy, spoiled, stinky, smoky, sneaker, soapy, sour, stagnant, stale, stench, stinging, stony, stuffy, sulfurous, sweaty, sweet, swimming pool, tangy, tarry, underarm, urine, vanilla, vinegary, vomit, whiff, winey, wooden, woodsy, wooly, zesty, zoo

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Color: Office for Creative Research

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OCR Journal #001 Each journal has a unique data-generated cover. 

Sold out, alas. 

From the Office for Creative Research



Text: Ostrich Egg Book

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More from Erik Kwakkel, a book written on an ostrich egg.


The shell is covered with quotations from the Koran and poetry: ‘It describes the soul’s journey from death to life,’ says historian Dionisius Agius, of the University of Leeds, who is analysing the text.” 

Dionisius Agious also says: “Writing on an egg may be attributed magical significance; there is an old belief that the egg gives miraculous power to the dead and can call them back to life.

Maps: Big Yam Dreaming

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Emily Kam Kngwarray Big Yam Dreaming

at the National Gallery Victoria, Melbourne. 


Text: Wearing Books

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Medieval book parchment incorporated into clothing. 

Via book historian Erik Kwakkel. See also


Maps: First Drafts

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James Joyce: manuscript page from “A Work in Progress” (the earliest version of Finnegan’s Wake).  From James Joyce, A First Draft Version of Finnegan’s Wake, 1963 ed. David Hayman

found in Kadist Art Foundation’s One Sentence Exhibition 

Color: Federal Colors

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There are 650 official Federal Standard Colors.  Federal Standard Color Chart. Can you tell them apart? Via Hyperallergic.