Text: Printing Wikipedia

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Michael Mandiburg’s From Aaaaa! to ZZZap!,  an attempt at a 7600 volume print edition of Wikipedia’s entire contents, is a data visualization of Wikipedia’s huge, even impossible,  size. 

More on Mandiburg’s Print Wikipedia here.

A history of attempts to print Wikipedia here (many wonderful projects).


Text: Ostrich Egg Book

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More from Erik Kwakkel, a book written on an ostrich egg.


The shell is covered with quotations from the Koran and poetry: ‘It describes the soul’s journey from death to life,’ says historian Dionisius Agius, of the University of Leeds, who is analysing the text.” 

Dionisius Agious also says: “Writing on an egg may be attributed magical significance; there is an old belief that the egg gives miraculous power to the dead and can call them back to life.

Book Action: Ben Kinmont’s Prospectus

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If you’re in New York, don’t miss Ben Kinmont’s retrospective at NYU’s Fales Library (on the 3rd floor of the Bobst Library at 70 Washington Square South).  You’ll need an appointment, but once you’re there you’ll be able to handle, open, and photocopy his archives and take away free reprints of several of his projects.

If you can’t make it to the show, you can buy a copy of the beautiful and underpriced letterpress book from Kunstverein (scroll down for hard to find purchase link)

Books: This is Not Writing

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Julian Dashper
This is not writing    2011
ISBN: 978-0-9582981-9-3
Text by Julian Dashper
Published by Clouds and Michael Lett, 2011
Hardcover, cloth-bound
188 pages
Edition: 1000
Overall size: 166 x 236 x 23mm

Thank you Minus Space.

Books: Library Art

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Faded books

from the Gerrit Rietveltd library collection.

“Out of Order” by Laurenz Brunner & Marianne Vierø

via Jeremy Bushnell’s Raccoon (thank you, Jeremy)

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