Lists: Words Commonly Used to Describe Smells

June 23, 2015 § 1 Comment

tasmanian devil

A growing list of words associated with scents & smells.

acrid, aged, airless, airport, alkaline, aromatic, bacon, baking, banana, barbeque, barnyard, beachy, beery, bitter, bright, bloody, books, bouquet, briney, burnt, camphoric, catbox, cedar, cigar, cinnamon, citrusy, cheesy, chicken soup, chlorine, clean, clove, cloying, coffee, creamy, curry, damp, doggy, earthy, eye-watering, exhaust, fermented, fishy, floury, floral, foul, fumes, funky, fragrant, fresh, fruity, garlicky, garbage, gasoline, ginger, grassy, green, hairspray, herbal, homey, home cooking, horse, jasmine, ink, incense, leafy, lemony, lavender, laundry, lawn, leathery, locker room, meaty, medicinal, metallic, mildewed, minty, moldy, mothball, musky, mushroomy, new car, newspaper, notes, odor, oily, oniony, orangey, paint, peppery, perfumey, piney, pinion, pickled, plasticky, popcorn, powdery, pungent, putrid, rancid, rank, resinous, rose, rotten, rubbery, sandalwood, savory, sawdust, scentless, seaside, skunk, spicy, spoiled, stinky, smoky, sneaker, soapy, sour, stagnant, stale, stench, stinging, stony, stuffy, sulfurous, sweaty, sweet, swimming pool, tangy, tarry, underarm, urine, vanilla, vinegary, vomit, whiff, winey, wooden, woodsy, wooly, zesty, zoo

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