Sounds: The Great Molasses Flood

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A description of the sounds of the Great Molasses Flood of 1919

“Witnesses reported, variously, that as it collapsed, they felt the ground shake and heard a roar, a long rumble similar to the passing of an elevated train, a tremendous crashing, a deep growling, or a thunderclap-like bang! and, as the rivets shot out of the tank, a machine-gun-like rat-tat-tat sound.”

Text: Printing Wikipedia

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Michael Mandiburg’s From Aaaaa! to ZZZap!,  an attempt at a 7600 volume print edition of Wikipedia’s entire contents, is a data visualization of Wikipedia’s huge, even impossible,  size. 

More on Mandiburg’s Print Wikipedia here.

A history of attempts to print Wikipedia here (many wonderful projects).


Textile: Embroidered Wikipedia Magna Carta

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Artist Cornelia Parker’s Magna Carta – the Wikipedia entry on the Magna Carta collectively embroidered by prisoners, judges,  art world luminaries, and members of the embroiderers guild. 
Cornelia Parker’s Magna Carta on view at the British Library. 


Text: Su Hui’s matrix poem, Star Gauge

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4th century poet Su Hui’s embroidered, 29 x 29 character, 5 color grid-matrix poem, Star Gauge. 

Read an interview with artist Jen Bervin about the poem here.

Translator David Hinton on the poem here, and his translation here.


Color: Japanese Boro Cloth

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From Vestoj – The Journal of Sartorial Matters – Issue Five – On Slowness

“In Slowness Milan Kundera, the Czech writer, remarks that ‘there is a secret bond between slowness and memory, between speed and forgetting’…”

More on boro here & here

A history of boro, related textiles anf Japanese indigo dyeing here


Lists: Words Commonly Used to Describe Smells

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tasmanian devil

A growing list of words associated with scents & smells.

acrid, aged, airless, airport, alkaline, aromatic, bacon, baking, banana, barbeque, barnyard, beachy, beery, bitter, bright, bloody, books, bouquet, briney, burnt, camphoric, catbox, cedar, cigar, cinnamon, citrusy, cheesy, chicken soup, chlorine, clean, clove, cloying, coffee, creamy, curry, damp, doggy, earthy, eye-watering, exhaust, fermented, fishy, floury, floral, foul, fumes, funky, fragrant, fresh, fruity, garlicky, garbage, gasoline, ginger, grassy, green, hairspray, herbal, homey, home cooking, horse, jasmine, ink, incense, leafy, lemony, lavender, laundry, lawn, leathery, locker room, meaty, medicinal, metallic, mildewed, minty, moldy, mothball, musky, mushroomy, new car, newspaper, notes, odor, oily, oniony, orangey, paint, peppery, perfumey, piney, pinion, pickled, plasticky, popcorn, powdery, pungent, putrid, rancid, rank, resinous, rose, rotten, rubbery, sandalwood, savory, sawdust, scentless, seaside, skunk, spicy, spoiled, stinky, smoky, sneaker, soapy, sour, stagnant, stale, stench, stinging, stony, stuffy, sulfurous, sweaty, sweet, swimming pool, tangy, tarry, underarm, urine, vanilla, vinegary, vomit, whiff, winey, wooden, woodsy, wooly, zesty, zoo

See also: Words Commonly Used to Describe Sounds

Color: Office for Creative Research

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OCR Journal #001 Each journal has a unique data-generated cover. 

Sold out, alas. 

From the Office for Creative Research




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